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Passion for natural forms of healing has been the driving force behind Juanita Corbett's life, and is why she envisioned creating Canadian Natural Oils back in the mid 90's
She knew in her heart that what grows wild, all has purpose. She simply believes passionately, "God doesn't make junk!" This passion was and is the fuel that causes her to find out..."Why is this plant here, & what's it good for because God doesn't make junk!!!???"

Juanita Corbett was educated in the State of Oregon, becoming a hairdresser, aroma-therapist, reflexologist, Massage Therapist, cosmetologist and an esthetician. She has practiced her trade and helped create The Hills Health Ranch in BC.
She has won numerous awards, and has been inducted into the US spa industry Hall of Fame at the National Press Club by the Washington spa Alliance in 2015, with her husband Patrick.

Having spent years doing significant research with some of the largest labs in western Canada, she was finally able to conclude how she would extract the essential oils from numerous indigenous plants to the Cariboo region of BC, including the wild rose hip.  Juanita worked with the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in collaboration with University of Northern BC, the Food Development Lab in Portage La Prairie Manitoba, and Northwest Labs in Vancouver BC. in order to determine the best way to naturally extract the oil from the wild rose-hip, without any chemical intervention.

Her research projects also investigated which plants, & what part of various plants were the key to maximizing healing. The end result of Juanita's drive to be the best she could be in creating the best natural healing products possible, is that she uses both Steam Distillation and Cold Press methods to extract the oils.

These oils and plant products of nature are all from Canada, particularly in BC, are all wild grown, hand picked, and carefully extracted without using any chemicals to change the healing power of the plants natural oils.

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Canadian Natural Oils, including the wild rose hip oil, can be found in leading spas, including some of the Willowstream spas in the Fairmont Hotels.

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